A passanger waits at the check out area at Piarco International Airport on Tuesday night.

Caribbean Airlines is ensuring it observes all protocols related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and “will continue to work closely with port authority health officials to not only safeguard crew but the welfare of passengers.”

That was the disclosure made by Dionne Ligoure, Head of Corporate Communications at CAL when she spoke briefly with Guardian Media earlier today.

Ligoure said the current pandemic was a worrying concern for the world and citizens of this country.

She indicated that the airline had observed certain protocols and guidelines when responding to any matters related to COVID-19.

Ligoure said she would not comment specifically on Guardian Media’s story about two confirmed cases that came aboard the CAL flight from Barbados on Tuesday night, hours before the Piarco International Airport stopped accepting non-nationals into the country for the next two weeks.

But she encouraged the media, in general, to be responsible and mindful of how they report on COVID-19 matters.

Ligoure emphasised that every effort is being made to safeguard crew members who remain committed to working even in the face of this pandemic.

The Ministry of Health on Tuesday night in a press release indicated that the confirmed number of COVID-19 cases had gone up to seven and said all were imported cases.