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Caribbean Airlines is developing a COVID-19 vaccine transportation plan to ensure its readiness to distribute the vaccine throughout the Caribbean.

A statement from the airline revealed this yesterday as it said it is currently consulting with stakeholders in advance of making preparations for the movement of the vaccine.

According to the statement, Caribbean Airlines Cargo will be transporting the vaccine as it offers expansive global and regional connectivity through its scheduled flights, charter flights and interline arrangements.

The airline explained that its cargo division can facilitate the transport of temperature controlled shipments to the Caribbean from several territories worldwide including Europe, India and the United States. It covers the entire Caribbean including but not limited to: Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, Jamaica, Bahamas and St. Maarten.

According to Marklan Moseley, General Manager – Cargo and New Business, “Caribbean Airlines Cargo is steadfast in its commitment to serving the region. Our cargo operations continue to support the Caribbean, delivering critical cargo and ensuring the movement of goods into and out of the region.”

The airline added that during the early phases of the pandemic, Caribbean Airlines Cargo demonstrated its responsiveness by introducing a cargo charter service for Caribbean countries experiencing limited connectivity as a result of the grounding of passenger flights.

The airline also partnered with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Authority (CDEMA) in August 2020 to distribute COVID-19 test kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) to 16 Caribbean countries.

“We look forward to playing a pivotal role in our region’s recovery through the secure and efficient movement of the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Moseley.