Cadets escort the remains of Ezekiel Burke at the funeral service on Friday 6 August 2021.

A call has been made for the 17-year-old who perished in a house fire in Maraval along with two of his siblings to be given a national award for heroism.

The request was made today at the funeral service for Ezekiel, Kate and Kaydon Burke, all of whom died when their home, along Rookery Nook in Maraval, was engulfed in flames on July 26th.

Speaking at the Church on the Rock in Morvant this morning, emcee for the service Cuthbery Tracey said:

“When I listen to what is being said about this young man, I would nominate him for a national award, because I can see this young man as not only being trapped in the fire but making a desperate attempt to save his siblings, and in the effort [he] lost his life.”

Tracey said that was a sacrificial act, and a national award is a good opportunity to recognise Ezekiel, even though he lost his life.

“Ezekiel, you are my hero, you did exactly what I asked you to do, which is to look after your siblings,” a relative of Ezekiel said.

Social Development Minister Donna Cox was in attendance and said the Government stands ready to help the family through their grieving process.

Both the Minister and the Reverend urged the Burke family not to turn their backs on God despite their tragic loss.