Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis


As governments around the world begin to implement policies to reduce its carbon footsteps and mitigate the effects of climate change, some are recognising that climate change brings with it much more than physical changes to the environment.

Minister of Social Development and Family Services Camille Robinson-Regis, who addressed students at the University of the Southern Caribbean yesterday, said climate change will also affect the mental health of citizens.

Pointing to a recent study on climate change Minister Camille Robinson-Regis cited higher rates of aggression and violence as some of the major health impacts.

Robinson-Regis said, “The impact of climate change won’t stop at structures and systems, climate change will also have a profound impact on human psychological wellbeing.”

While making reference to the flooding of the Greenvale community back in 2018, Minister Robinson-Regis, said many of the residents who experienced the flood were left traumatised and required assistance far beyond repairing their homes and the replacement of physical items.

She said there is an urgent need to include the resilience capacity of individuals and communities.

Robison-Regis added that disaster preparedness plans tend to generally overlook the support needed to ensure the psychological the wellbeing of citizens.

“After the Greenvale event quite a number of persons needed psychological attention from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development and Family services these climate change events have on the psychological health of our people.”