Residents of Feeder Road, Canaan are calling on the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) to complete the roadway they dug up while fixing the water lines to their homes.

The furthest house on the street received water after almost 20 years when Tobago Today highlighted their story earlier this year.

They said WASA ignored their pleas although they visited, made calls and had spoken with their Area Representative Clarence Jacob on many occasions.

“The water situation began when one person got their water connection almost 20 years ago. Everyone else used the same line to connect to their homes.

“The line was clogged from debris, so the last house did not get water,” a resident told Tobago Today.

He said the Authority visited the area many times, indicating that work will start to supply water to all the households.

“ Imagine we were all paying water rates but could not get water and they were just making promises,” the resident said.

He added: “It was only after the story hit the media that we saw them come and lay main pipes and give us water.”

The resident said they are grateful for the water supply and now wants WASA to complete the job by fixing the roadway.

“ We are happy that we have water now but we can’t even walk properly on the roadway because of the big potholes that are filled when rain falls.”

Tobago Today reached out to WASA’s Administrator, Corporate Communications Jiselle Webster for a comment on the situation.

She promised to look into the matter.

Reporter: Melissa Williams-Sambrano