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For the second time a week, the political leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Edward Alexander is facing a lawsuit for defamation of character.

Cancer patient and Quantity Surveyor Krissa Bissoon, to whom the government granted an exemption to re-enter the country from The Bahamas, is seeking exemplary and aggravated damages, legal costs and an unqualified apology from Alexander for alleged defamatory statements made against her.

Days ago, businessman Ricky Raghunanan, through his attorneys Criston J Williams and Kashif Gibson, also issued a pre-action protocol letter to Alexander.

In relation to Bissoon, attorney Shelley-Ann Crawford wrote that on May 17, Alexander published a post on his Facebook page with the heading, “LIES AND MORE LIES”.

According to Crawford, the post imputed that Bissoon did not have cancer, did not require urgent medical attention and intentionally misled the public during an interview with Guardian Media on April 28 and 30. She said Alexander’s words inferred that Bissoon was dishonest to National Security Minister Stuart Young by feigning her illness in her application for an exemption and deserves to be condemned and ridiculed by right-thinking members of the public.

“The said words reproduced hereinabove, and the insinuation implicit therein was demonstrably untrue, false, deliberately malicious and highly defamatory, which lowered my client in the estimation of right-thinking members of society and of her peers. My client is a dedicated professional working in a very noble and prestigious field of work and the said publication has brought my client’s good name into disrepute, and has sullied her reputation, both in her private and professional life.”

Crawford said Alexander published the post on a platform that accommodates local and international circulation.

She said that in one of Alexander’s profiles, the post generated 104 likes, 12 comments and 49 shares within one minute of publishing.

“In addition, you generally have a large following on Facebook with approximately 44,617 followers, therefore, the post can be copied, shared and circulated by electronic means, reaching a wide local, regional and international audience.

“My client was horrified at sight of your publication and was deeply hurt and traumatised by the allegation that she was not a cancer patient, especially since she is at this time battling cancer.”

Alexander has 14 days to respond after receiving the letter. If he does not, the proposed claimant will institute High Court action.