Safety signs are placed on the walls at the voting station at the Cocoyea Government Primary School to facilitate today’s election.

One of the candidates vying in today’s General Election was up in arms yesterday after his name was wrongly represented in an Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) advertisement in the daily newspapers.

Valmiki Ramsingh, leader of The National Party complained that the error was made in the EBC’s Notice of Taking A Poll advertisement.

Instead of Ramsingh, he said the advertisement had Rampersad.

Ramsingh is among five candidates vying for the San Fernando West seat. Benison Jagessar of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) who is also contesting that seat complained that his surname was spelt wrongly with an extra “g”.

He demanded an apology and correction.

Ramsingh said he contacted the EBC and was told that it was a typographical error.

He said they apologised and assured him that his correct name appears on the ballot paper.

He said the returning officer for the San Fernando West constituency also assured him that his correct name is on the ballot paper. While he understood the pace and volume of the work, Ramsingh said that should not be an excuse.

“The highest standards are expected with this exercise seeing that we have Local Government elections every three years and General Elections every five years. What if people have already made up their mind that I dropped out… as my name is not there in the newspapers… that’s lost votes! This has serious implications especially in view of what transpired in Guyana,” he lamented. When contacted EBC’s communications manager Bobbi Rogers admitted that she made the typographical error but she assured that their correct names are on the ballot paper.

Meanwhile the leader of the Democratic Party of Trinidad and Tobago (DPTT), Steve Alvarez has also written to the EBC complaining that his party’s name was left out of the EBC notice.

“In your newspaper advertisements of Sunday August 9th on all three daily newspapers, under the title NOTICE: Election Agents and Sub-agents 2020 Parliamentary Elections, your advertisement had the DPTT’s representative Valentine Alvarez listed under the party THC. The Democratic Party of Trinidad & Tobago (DPTT) is not mentioned anywhere in the advertisement. This has resulted in tremendous concern and uncertainty among the voters of Moruga Tableland as they are unsure that the DPTT is participating in the election,” he said.

Alvarez added, “We in the Democratic party are extremely concerned about the repercussion of this major mistake on the eve of a general election and call for an immediate correction in the media. The resulting harm may have a very negative impact on the result of the election and we reserve the right to take further action as may be necessary.”

Last week, Progressive Party leader, Nikoli Edwards had also written to the EBC complaining that his party’s symbol was omitted from EBC documentation.