UNC candidate Sheldon Garcia is greeted by his opposite Dr Juliet-Hilary Bernard after she filed her nominations papers at the La Horquetta Regional Complex, Marjorie, Padmore Avenue, Phase 2, La Horquetta yesterday.

Ushered in by a music truck and flanked by several People’s National Movement stalwarts, Dr Janet Hilary Bernard entered the La Horquetta Regional Complex yesterday to file her nomination papers.

Arima Member of Parliament Penelope Beckles, Arima Mayor Cagney Casemire, Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Chairman Terry Rondon and other members of the Arima Borough Corporation were at her side as she took her steps towards the office of the returning officer.

Former Mayor of Arima and current D’Abadie/O’Meara MP Lisa Morris-Julian, who was the former local government representative for the Arima Central electoral district, arrived shortly after Dr Bernard filed her papers, and told the PNM candidate that she was proud of her.

This endorsement, the PNM candidate said, was one of the reasons she did not feel any significant pressure following in the former mayor’s footsteps.

“I certainly won’t feel that as any pressure because she is offering me her full support. In fact, because she has done such a wonderful job and so many people are endeared to her it makes it a lot easier for me going through this electoral process,” Dr Bernard said.

The United National Congress took a far more reserved approach to the nomination process. Candidate Sheldon “Fish” Garcia arrived not too long after the PNM and their entourage but opted to wait until the red-clad group had left before approaching to file.

There was a brief moment when the groups converged with conversations being struck.

After filing, Garcia a school bus driver, said his contribution to the community and the youth in Arima would prove decisive in the race.

“I am feeling very confident this morning for. I know I am going to get the job done. For years I have been working in our area with the youths, mainly the youths because I focus on the youths. They have been neglected for years. When I pass and I see them playing and everything in that state I say it’s time to throw my hat into the ring and get the job done,” he said.