Anesha Ramsundar


A mother of three from Carapichaima has gone missing.

Anesha Ramsundar left her Brickfield home shortly after 11am on Sunday, telling her daughter she was going to a nearby parlor.

Around 1pm, the child reached out to her aunt, Nadira Mohammed, to say her mother had not yet returned home.  

Mohammed told Guardian Media she called her sister’s phone and spoke to her.

“I called her phone to find out where she was, she answered and said she was on her way home…but since then, her phone keeps going to voicemail,” Mohammed said.

Mohammed said Ramsundar was dressed in a pair of leggings and a black t-shirt. 

She said Ramsundar’s husband died on November 25. She said Ramsundar was shaken by his death but as the weeks passed, she seemed to be back to her normal self.

“She seems normal when she’s around family, but I’m not sure how she is when she’s home or alone.”

Anyone with information regarding Ramsundar’s whereabouts is asked to contact Mohammed at 774-3515 or the nearest police station.