Doorel Simon, 44, of River Branch Road in Caroni was shot dead on Sunday night, taking the murder count to 385.

Simon was known as the “Crime Boss” in the area and his murder was labelled by police as ‘drug-related’.

According to a police report, at 10.10 pm police officers responded to a report of a shooting.

Upon arrival in the vicinity of D&C Convenience Store located along River Branch Road, Caroni, officers received information that Simon was shot on his chest and neck and was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) where he was later pronounced dead.

Crime Scene personnel processed the scene and retrieved five spent shells of .40 calibre weapons, two apparent spent 9mm shells, three projectiles and two fragments.

Enquires revealed that Simon was walking south along the road together with a woman when a vehicle stopped and two men armed with firearms came out. Both men approached Simon and fired several shots. The men then re-entered the vehicle and escaped.

Police said Simon had recently hosted an illegal private “zesser” party in the area, which was busted by police.

WPC Bickram is investigating.