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Thursday, July 7, 2022


Zakour re-elected as president of the Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association

According to the release, a key focus of the SLWA over the last year has been fighting hunger and feeding the nation.

Winners of ministry’s ICT poster contest get their prizes

The winners of an ICT Poster Competition hosted by the Disability Affairs Unit (DAU) of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, recently got their prizes, after sharing their visions of how ICT could make society more inclusive for persons with disabilities.

Caregivers often ignore their own health

Caregiving is a tough job. Watching a parent age or seeing someone change drastically due to illness can be devastating. Harvard Health reports, “Approximately 70...

Farmer Aaron advises: ‘Eat local, eat healthy, live long’

[email protected] Food crop farmer, Aaron Baptiste, quote to live by is: “A man with no vision for his future always returns to his past.”...

Law Made Simple: The Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Amendments...

MICHAEL MODESTE AND MARCUS MOSES In May this year new traffic laws came into effect. In this and the...

Trini flies TT flag high during Black Lives Matter protests

One of the focal points of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests which gripped the world for several months in 2020 was a two...

Creating a Climate Resilient T&T

During COP26 countries were asked to reflect on the agreements they might have signed onto for climate action, such as the Paris...

Celebrating T&T's Amerindian heritage

A scaled-down version of the annual Amerindian Heritage Festival took place for three days from October 12 to 14. Officiating was Chief...

A call to stop Marital Rape

Faced with continued attacks against women, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan, is calling for an end to marital rape, which she says is responsible for unwanted pregnancies.

The Family Backup Plan: When COVID-19 Enters a Busy Household

The 2020-2021 school year ended last week and now families are doing some serious juggling––managing the school vacation, trying to work from home and...


Mother says her son was not involved in criminal activities

The mother of one of the men killed in maracas over the weekend is tonight denying that her son was involved in...

Two of the three survivors from Saturday’s police shooting released

Two of the three survivors from Saturday's police shooting in Port of Spain have been released from police custody. Now despite police...

Family of Leonardo Williams speaks

The family of Leonardo Williams, one of the men killed by police on Saturday morning felt the protests reflect the community's disgust...

Trini boy gets Commonwealth award

Trinidadian 11-year-old Daniel Rajkumar, 11, received a Silver Award in the “Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021” hosted by the Royal Commonwealth Society, England. Rajkumar...

Sinkhole spews sewage in South

A sinkhole, spewing sewage has left residents of one HDC Community in San Fernando living in fear. They say apart from health...