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Thursday, May 19, 2022


San Juan fire officers kick-off clean-up exercise

Ten fire officers assigned to the San Juan Fire Station kicked-off a cleaning exercise on Saturday geared towards uplifting the surroundings where they work....

UWI researcher finds that shift workers more likely to be hospitalised...

People who work shifts appear to be significantly more likely to end up in hospital with COVID-19, than people who have regular work patterns, according to new research published in the online British medical journal, Thorax...

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND… Update on Brasso Venado

The children of Brasso Venado have benefitted from the generousity of several Good Samaritans, who donated much needed computer devices, to help with their education.

Training for World Cup of Pan

[email protected] It’s termed The World Cup of Pan, and the PanoGrama 2021 instalment slated to begin on May 7 at 8 pm on Facebook, Instagram...

Blind community wants access to books

Calls are being made for a Memorandum of Understanding to be signed with the Attorney General and several other agencies to allow for the legal conversion of 700,000 books for the blind and disabled community.

Bobby and Sally Ackbarali…Collectible dolls came out of COVID darkness

Move over Barbie! Trini-born pageant and ballroom gown gurus, Bobby and Sally Ackbarali have created their own line of collectible fashion dolls. And with...

Patriot and pioneer of the fine arts…SONNYLAL’S SECRET TREASURE TROVE

A secret treasure trove of sculptures, paintings and prints, crafted by the hands of renowned artist Sonnylal Rambissoon has been unveiled for the first...

A call to stop Marital Rape

Faced with continued attacks against women, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan, is calling for an end to marital rape, which she says is responsible for unwanted pregnancies.

Kids strengthening reading skills as pandemic continues

COVID-19 has allowed students more reading time, so some schools are offering opportunities and incentives for reading—reading just for fun, that is.

GBV victims’ confession and permission needed for clinical intervention

Two of this country’s leading psychiatrists say there were still too many women not admitting they are being abused, which can be counter-productive in the fight to eliminate violence against women.


Former resident recalls sexual ordeal at Chaguanas children’s home

A home that was not part of a recent report into children's residences is now facing allegations of abuse. Clevon Oliver is...

Chicken prices on the rise

Customers will now have to pay more for chicken as the price of poultry increases. But poultry owners say they cannot guarantee...

Parents protest for new school

Parents of students attending St Dominic's R.C. school say they are no longer willing to send their children to school in a...

Woman starts NGO to help Cerebral Palsy victims

Michelle Lashley-Bisram lost her daughter Danielle Bisram in January of this year. But Danielle’s 19 years on this earth birthed an NGO set to...

Report into children’s homes finds: St Jude’s beyond worst in all aspects

When the Robert Sabga-led Task Force embarked on its mandate to assess the administration and evaluate the operations and healthcare of children’s homes in...