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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Ageing and Your Brain Health Are you are risk of Dementia?

As we age, our brains change, but Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are not an inevitable part of ageing. In fact, up to 40%...

Remember to keep your eyes healthy during COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Ronnie Bhola of the Trinidad Eye Hospital, in keeping with May as Healthy Vision Awareness month, took the opportunity to share with Guardian Media some important reminders to keep one’s eyes healthy, during this pandemic.

Sweet taste

[email protected] Tobago Cocoa Estate’s Laura brand of chocolates has been awarded bronze in the International Chocolate Awards 2020/21. The company was the only one from the...

Bikini and Beads

SANDRA L BLOOD [email protected] “I’m a proud Trinidad-born Capricorn, but American-raised. I have lost a sense of self, which has left me craving my culture....

Words transmit stigmaPeople matter, the words you choose matter

Nearly 450 million people worldwide are currently living with a mental health challenge, yet nearly two thirds of persons with a known mental illness...

Men Masking Emotions…Leads to Depression and Suicide

Tragically, suicide is not as rare as one may think. In 2018, global data from the World Health Organization (WHO) reported an estimated 793,000...

URP workers get Farmer-to-Farmer Training at Spring Garden

Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) participants registered in a three-year ‘Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F)’ virtual training programme of the University of the West Indies and the Purdue University, got a chance to put theory into practice this week, when they commenced practical agricultural training at a private nursery in Spring Gardens, Tobago.

San Juan fire officers kick-off clean-up exercise

Ten fire officers assigned to the San Juan Fire Station kicked-off a cleaning exercise on Saturday geared towards uplifting the surroundings where they work....

UWI researcher finds that shift workers more likely to be hospitalised...

People who work shifts appear to be significantly more likely to end up in hospital with COVID-19, than people who have regular work patterns, according to new research published in the online British medical journal, Thorax...

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND… Update on Brasso Venado

The children of Brasso Venado have benefitted from the generousity of several Good Samaritans, who donated much needed computer devices, to help with their education.


Impact bins placed at dangerous Debe roundabout

Impact bins and other safety features are being rolled out by the ministry of works and transport at the Gandhi Village roundabout...

Jacob: 84 arrests made for illegal scrap iron

In just a few months, the acting police commissioner says one hundred and 84 people have been arrested in connection with illegally trading...

Crossing the Line – Part 2

On Sunday (7 August 2022), CNC3 brought you part one of this special report about a contentious land dispute in the Piparo...

Las Cuevas family facing eviction

In a matter of hours...a Las Cuevas family will be on the streets... Cherry-Ann Cox, a mother of three...

St Jude’s Home staff seek protection from residents

Caregivers at the St Jude's Home for Girls are begging the state for protection after a worker was attacked by residents on...