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Tuesday, August 9, 2022


New Poetry Slam champ Derron Sandy dethrones two-time winner

5th time’s the charm! Derron Sandy has won his first Grand Slam title after five appearances in the finals of the First Citizens...

Treasure trove showing San Fernando in the early days

An historical treasure trove of iconic photographs of San Fernando in the 18th and 19th centuries have been found by Indian-born businessman Dipender Manocha.

Film and Folklore Festival will be at Cannes Film Festival

The Film and Folklore Festival (FFF) has been invited to the Film Festivals from the West Mixer at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this...

Why does my back hurt so much?

If you have ever had lower back pain stop you from doing what you want, you’re not alone! Lower back pain is one of...

Wife of Canadian High Commissioner leaves mark on T&T

In her last interview before she leaves Trinidad and Tobago, the wife of the Canadian High Commissioner, Nadira Gupta, discusses her time...

San Fernando street renamed after Ras Shorty I

The legacy of the legendary creator of Soca music, the late Ras Shorty I, is set to live on...

Bikini and Beads

SANDRA L BLOOD [email protected] “I’m a proud Trinidad-born Capricorn, but American-raised. I have lost a sense of self, which has left me craving my culture....

Short documentary to be screened at ttff

Trinidad Carnival and New Orleans Mardi Gras are very different but share some related traditions. Anyone wanting a window into the vibrant tradition of...

Bobby and Sally Ackbarali…Collectible dolls came out of COVID darkness

Move over Barbie! Trini-born pageant and ballroom gown gurus, Bobby and Sally Ackbarali have created their own line of collectible fashion dolls. And with...

bmobile supports youth hydroponics initiative in Morvant

Several young people in the Second Caledonia community in Morvant will now have new avenues for employment and even self-employment, with their participation in a special hydroponics agriculture programme conducted by Core Foundation, which is supported by bmobile and the bmobile Foundation.


Impact bins placed at dangerous Debe roundabout

Impact bins and other safety features are being rolled out by the ministry of works and transport at the Gandhi Village roundabout...

Jacob: 84 arrests made for illegal scrap iron

In just a few months, the acting police commissioner says one hundred and 84 people have been arrested in connection with illegally trading...

Crossing the Line – Part 2

On Sunday (7 August 2022), CNC3 brought you part one of this special report about a contentious land dispute in the Piparo...

Las Cuevas family facing eviction

In a matter of hours...a Las Cuevas family will be on the streets... Cherry-Ann Cox, a mother of three...

Pt Fortin artist wants to remind people of life’s beauty

Art is not what you see. But what you want others to see. And, despite having a neurological disorder, one Point Fortin man wants...