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Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Chief Secretary Farley Augustine presented a 3.79 billion-dollar budget to the...

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine presented his first budget to the Assembly launching several plans with a 3.79 billion-dollar package. Guardian Media's Sampson...

Minister to announce relief measures to help cope with increasing flour...

Within the next two weeks, government will announce relief measures for citizens who are struggling to cope with increasing flour prices. During...

Residents fall sick after oil pipelines cut in Fyzabad

Ten families have been evacuated after vandals hacked a Fyzabad pipeline last night, triggering an oil spill. The incident comes almost a...

Business Watch: Stag celebrates 50 years but plots Post Covid recovery/growth

Business Watch: Stag celebrates 50 years but plots Post Covid recovery/growth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF6iDyrFYFs

Mixed reactions on the increase of flour prices

The rise in flour prices was also met with mixed views from citizens in south Trinidad. Our team of Sascha Wilson and...

Alternative-Wheat Flours to Be Packaged in Shaw Park by September

Some local shops in Tobago are preparing to increase the prices of their flour-based products. Even though they'll have to spend more...

Nutrimix announces increase in flour price

Another flour company is raising the price of its products. Twenty-four hours ago, the National Flour Mills announced a 33 per cent...

7 PM Newscast for June 22

7 PM Newscast for June 22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME8YyI5xCOI

Wellness Wednesday: Local pharmacologist honoured by Latin American and Caribbean Congress...

A local pharmacologist was recently among eight women from the region to be honoured by the Latin American and Caribbean Congress of...

Business Watch: KC eyes foreign market as it celebrates 100 years

After more than one hundred years of operations, KC confectionery has its eyes firmly set on international expansion. In business watch, Peter...


Battling Cancer with Strangers

A young cancer patient has found renewed hope through support from complete strangers. Zelia Castello says she's gotten a major boost in...

7 PM Newscast for June 24

7 PM Newscast for June 24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7Cl7hiNYhI

Monkeypox added to this country’s list of dangerous infectious diseases

The World Health Organisation convened an emergency meeting to decide if to raise the threat level for Monkeypox. Locally, it has been...

People paying thousands to find out if spouse cheated

Polygraph tests to determine if a significant other is unfaithful are now in “high demand” in T&T. Because of this, the service is currently being...

Make your own flour

Flour is a staple food in many kitchens, allowing us to make some of our favourite meals like roti or pancakes. While...