A caterer from central Trinidad, who was caught outside his home after the curfew took effect, last Friday, has been fined $10,000.Shavid McLeod, 27, of Claxton Bay, was fined by Magistrate Alexander Prince after he pleaded guilty to the breaching the curfew during a virtual court hearing on Monday afternoon.Presenting a mitigation plea on McLeod’s behalf, his lawyer Bhimal Maharajh claimed that his client injured his toe last Thursday and chose not to seek medical attention due to fears over COVID-19 infections at medical institutions.The following day, McLeod visited his aunt, a registered nurse, who lives five houses away from his, to have the wound cleaned and dressed.Maharajh claimed that McLeod stayed there until the curfew began at 7 pm and that he (McLeod) decided to take a chance to make his way home because of the close proximity.However, McLeod was allegedly spotted and arrested by police just before he was able to enter his property.Maharajh pleaded for leniency as he noted that McLeod had a clean criminal record before being charged for the curfew breach.He stated that McLeod’s income was seriously affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as food and restaurant services are currently restricted.Maharajh also said that McLeod is asthmatic and had to be hospitalised last year after he suffered severe asthma attacks.McLeod was given three months in which to pay the fine and if he fails to do so he would face six months imprisonment.Under the Emergency Powers Regulations, persons found in breach of the curfew face a maximum penalty of a $250,000 fine and six months in prison.