Parasram ?Brain? Boodoo, left and Navindra “?Tall Man”? Garib

KEVON [email protected]

Homicide investigators were expected to charge a 37-year-old Cedros man for the murder of Carli Bay fisherman Parasram Boodoo yesterday. On Tuesday, investigators from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations: Region Three met with Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul.

Honore-Paul reviewed the finding of the police investigation into the disappearances and deaths of Boodoo and his colleague Navindra Garib last week and advised the investigators to charge the suspect.

Homicide detective PC Latchman is also awaiting instructions from Honore-Paul on whether he should also charge the suspect for Garib’s murder. On July 19, Garib, 30, of Sunset Avenue, and Boodoo, 42, of Perseverance Road went fishing in the Gulf of Paria. The next day, Cedros police recovered their boat ashore at Granville with the engine missing. They allegedly found the engine under the suspect’s home.

On Wednesday, police officers attached to the Coastal and Marine Unit recovered Boodoo’s body, which they found floating near the Port of Point Lisas.

An autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre on Monday showed that Boodoo drowned. Last Friday, a crab catcher found Garib’s body ashore on Point Sable Beach in La Brea. Investigators are awaiting the results of an autopsy on Garib’s body.