Well-loved Norma Belcon celebrates her 100th birthday with Minister Donna Cox, family, and friends.

The Minister of Social Development and Family Services and a team from her ministry shared in on the birthday celebrations of Norma Belcon who turned 100 on Thursday.

The Freeport resident was joined by her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other family members as she ushered in the milestone.

The ministry’s team was received by Melina Gonzales, who is the great-niece of Belcon.

According to the ministry, the centenarian had dedicated much of her life to the service of others, including the fostering of a toddler, who was abandoned at her home when he was only three months old, and another child in addition to her two biological children.

Belcon told the minister and her team that her longevity was due to the fact that she never worries.

“I don’t take on anything, if it’s bad, I just leave it and if it’s good then I dance and sing.”

Her relatives also pointed to her strong faith in God and described Belcon as a “staunch Catholic.”

They also told the minister stories and memories of Belcon making the best pudding in Freeport and riding her bicycle from Freeport to Couva to her job at the Ministry of Works.

Minister Cox also wished the centenarian continued good health and best wishes.

After the birthday celebration, the Minister is now encouraging other senior citizens who will be reaching such a milestone to get in touch with her ministry so that they can recognise the momentous occasion.