Centenarian Christina Crichlow is surrounded by her daughter-in-law Elizabeth, Crichlow’s children, Janet, Terrence, Brenda, and Ken, on her 100th birthday, at her Beccles Street, home, in Tacarigua.


Christina Crichlow celebrated her 100th birthday, yesterday.

She has 15 children, 38 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren and two great great-grandchildren.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and distance, Crichlow rung in her 100th birthday themed “Aged to Perfection” surrounded by four out five of her children who reside in Trinidad, Janet, Brenda, Terrence, Ken, and in-law Elizabeth, Lloyd was the absent sibling, at her Beccles Street, home, in Tacarigua.

The rest of her children and progeny who reside overseas in mainly the US and Canada were calling in throughout the day to wish her happy birthday via Zoom.

The occasion was made even more special with a visit by the Minister of Social Development and Family Services Donna Cox who brought several gifts, including an orchid and a certificate of honour and achievement for the centenarian.

Crichlow said, “When I reached in my late 80s I had given up on everything, I let myself go.

“If it was my eyes, I wasn’t bothering going to the optician, my teeth, it was a waste of time going by the dentist.

“When I reached 95 I prayed and asked the Lord Almighty if it pleases him I would like to be a centenarian in as much as I reached this far.

“I prayed and my prayer was answered.”

She said she ate everything, vegetables, plantain, green fig, rice, chicken, beef.

Crichlow said she still cooked for herself and use a lot of olive oil.

She sometimes likes a little curry, soup, vegetables, and fish.

Crichlow said once in a while like her birthday she would drink scotch or champagne, depending on the occasion,

She said she drank Lucozade and Ensure, not much citrus on the account of her arthritis, one of her favourite drinks was Coca-Cola as much as they said it was not good but she diluted it with water.

Regarding young people of today, Crichlow said they were totally different from her days.

She said they would laugh at her for being old fashioned as they lived a totally different life than long ago.

Crichlow said she witnessed many things in her life, but COVID-19 was a new experience that had no comparison to the diseases of the past.

Minister of Social Development and Family Services Donna Cox said the Division of Ageing was under the ministry’s purview and they thought it important to come to Crichlow’s birthday.

She said it was part of the ministry’s programme to look after and be there for persons considered as elderly.

Cox said when someone turned 100 the ministry saw that as a great achievement and milestone.

She said it was also good for record purposes to know who they were and where to locate them.

Cox said they were happy when they were contacted and she decided to come personally to congratulate Crichlow.

She said she may not be there for everyone who turns 100, but the ministry will definitely be there to offer any assistance the family or centenarian may need that was all part of the whole Government approach they were now trying to initiate.