The RTPA spokesman told Guardian Media he discovered the losses when he arrived at the area on Thursday morning.

Food crop farmer, Ramdeo Boondoo, is complaining that the Praedial Larceny Squad of the Ministry of Agriculture is not as effective as it should be in assisting farmers in this country.

Boondoo, who is also the head of the Root and Tuber Producers Association (RTPA), said thieves stole around $2,000 worth of cassava from a plot of land at Chase Village on Wednesday night.

The RTPA spokesman told Guardian Media that when he arrived at the area on Thursday morning, he was greeted with the sight of a number of uprooted cassava plants.

He said his call to the Praedial Larceny Squad proved futile. He was told that the Squad has one vehicle, and it was being used in south Trinidad.

The food crop farmer said he was disheartened at the news, since the plot the crop thieves plundered contained a number of new varieties he had been growing in conjunction with the UWI.

Ramdeo Boondoo said praedial larceny is a major deterrent to young people desirous of getting into the agriculture sector, and the authorities at the Agriculture Ministry need to take the issue seriously.