UNC PRO Senator Anita Haynes

Residents of Central who are the hardest hit for water are expected to benefit from an increased truck-borne service in the coming weeks.

This news came after three MPs met with WASA officials on Friday at WASA’s St Joseph headquarters.

Anita Haynes, the Tabaquite MP, along with the MPs for Caroni Central and Couva South met with Allan Poon King,-the WASA CEO, and his management team, to look at short and long-term solutions. Haynes said for the past four months thousands of residents in these constituencies have been getting a limited supply of pipe-borne water and have been forced to wait several days to get the supply.

Haynes said WASA has promised to reduce the waiting time for a truck-borne supply. She said she plans to appeal to the Minister of Local Government to get more resources to the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation to increase the corporation’s water trucking capacity. The CTTRC has only one water truck that can deliver between three to five loads daily.

However, Haynes said bureaucracy was slowing down the delivery process at WASA. “We are dealing with a Ministry of Finance that sees it fit to dish out a small amount and hoping that we will scrape by. Water is an essential service.” Haynes said WASA was doing upgrades to several booster stations. She said WASA would be supplying the MPs with the various medium and long-term time lines soon.

WASA responds

In a release, WASA advised customers in parts of central Trinidad and in particular the Claxton Bay and Couva areas, who have been experiencing a disruption in their normal supply, that every effort is being made to remedy this situation.

The release stated, “These areas are serviced from the authority’s Caroni Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and the Point Lisas Desalination Plant. However, there have been periodic disruptions at both facilities in recent weeks that have impacted the reliability of supply to these and other areas. Both facilities are presently fully operational and the supply to affected areas is normalising, with all impacted customers expected to receive a supply by Sunday December 20, 2020.

“The authority also acknowledges that it has been experiencing issues with the reliability of service to the Calcutta and Freeport areas, which are supplied by the Freeport WTP. Currently, there is a deficit in the supply to these areas and the solutions to address this situation require capital works. While funding is sourced to execute required works, supplies from adjacent systems will be used to supplement existing production.

“In relation to parts of south east Trinidad including Biche, Stonebright and La Savanne, Mayaro, repairs to leaking pipelines were completed today (December 18) and supplies reintroduced into the pipeline network in these communities.

“It is projected that affected customers will receive a pipe-borne water supply by Sunday (December 20).

“The authority wishes to assure customers that it is working to regularise the pipe-borne water supply to all impacted areas at the earliest and continues to liaise with parliamentary and local government representatives, in relation to providing a supplementary truck borne water supply to customers where necessary.”