A group of women employed with Cepep show off their gift bags supplied by an NGO in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

As International Women’s Day celebrations continue, a group of friends from South Trinidad presented female CEPEP workers with gift bags as a tribute.

The CEPEP gang, who worked cleaning the street at Golconda were surprised when they collected the giftbags which contained hand creams, perfumes and feminine supplies.

One of the women who provided gifts but requested anonymity said too often the women on the upper echelons of society were the ones who were lauded for their contributions.

“Like many other women, CEPEP workers make their contribution to society and are mothers and wives who attend to their families in addition to holding a job, that is not always appreciated by the wider society,” she said.

She added, “We felt it would be good to honour everyday women who work hard to make ends meet. There are many women whose efforts go unnoticed. They are the ones who are trying to hold the family together. They have a full-time strenuous job and they still have to take care of the household, the children, cooking, washing and cleaning, after completing their day of work. Many of them hardly have time to care for themselves.”

International Women’s Day was observed on Monday but some women and organisations are continuing to mark the occasion with events and others are finding different ways to celebrate women.