Barry Maillard was killed at his home in Gurahoo Trace, Chase Village yesterday.

Awakened by loud explosions as gunmen shot up his bedroom early yesterday morning, a Chaguanas man remained on his bed paralysed with fear.

When the sun came up hours later, Peter Maillard found his brother’s bullet-riddled body on his bed at their Gurahoo Trace, Chase Village home.

Police are still trying to ascertain why 48-year-old Barry Maillard was murdered.

However, two weeks ago, there was an attempt on his life, but the bullet just grazed him.

In an interview with Guardian Media, Maillard recalled that he was asleep in his bedroom—a separate room adjoined to the back of the house.

His brother’s bedroom was inside the house. No one else lived there.

When Maillard heard the gunshots, he opened his eyes and realised that there were holes in the boards barring his window.

“I lie down, I ent move. I start to pray, I say Lord I not going outside there to see what going on or what happen and waiting until it clear up and then I going outside. When I start to see daylight, I hear the son calling so I come outside,” he said.

He said he went around to the side of the house by his brother’s bedroom window and met his nephew.

He added: “I say what happen? He say boy like I seeing blood on the bed.”

When Maillard unlocked the back door, he said they saw his brother covered in blood on the bed. He then called the police and they arrived within minutes.

Asked why he didn’t call the police, he said, “I was only praying and praying for daylight to reach.”

Showing the bullet marks on the wall in his bedroom and the holes in the boards, Maillard believes the gunmen wanted to kill him too.

He said they would have entered the house through the backdoor because his brother usually left the door open when he was home.

Maillard said the gunmen may have locked the door from inside when they left. Maillard had no idea his brother’s life was under threat or that he had been shot at recently.

“Is only when this happen I hearing that this morning. I did not know nothing. He never tell me nothing.”

He said as far as he knows his brother had no enemies, but he was a no nonsense person.

Maillard said just two Sundays ago his brother had a lime at the house to celebrate his (Barry) birthday.

He had two children ages 18 and 26, but they did not live with him.

Maillard is confident that his brother’s killers would be brought to justice. Officers of the Homicide Bureau and Chaguanas CID are investigating.