Corona screening tents occupy part of Galt Street, Montrose outside the Chaguanas Health Centre.

The Chaguanas Health Centre has outgrown its capacity, according to Chaguanas Mayor Faaiq Mohammed and he is suggesting that it be moved to a more spacious location.

Speaking with Guardian Media on Tuesday, Mohammed said the facilities are so cramped that medical workers have to use tents that are placed partially on the roadway.

Mohammed said there is a proposal for the authorities to cordon off Galt Street and put more tents on the roadway and also use tents on a nearby empty lot to meet the growing demand for healthcare.

He said the request would have to come through the proper channels.

When Guardian Media visited the facility yesterday the roadway along Galt Street and Penco Street, Chaguanas was lined with parked vehicles that brought patients seeking medical attention and for COVID screening to the facility.

Mayor Mohammed suggested that the underutilized COSTAATT building at Connector Road has ample parking and can be outfitted with medical equipment to be used as the health facility given the expanding needs because of COVID-19.

He said renovations to existing facilities can save the government millions of dollars since these properties are owned by the State as opposed to paying rent for the building that now houses the Health Centre.

Mohammed said, “We are getting a lot of complaints that there is a lack of space at the facility. It shows clearly that Chaguanas needs a proper health facility.”