One of the areas by the Price Plaza Roundabout, Chaguanas where the traffic has been reverted.

Shastri Boodan

The Chaguanas Borough Corporation has scrapped parts of its traffic plan. However, Mayor Faaiq Mohammed said traffic would still be able to flow east along Eleanor Street and exit to the north and south on to the Southern Main Road and subsequently on to the Chaguanas Main Road if proceeding north after exiting Eleanor Street. He said traffic leaving Marc Street would still be able to cross the Chaguanas Main Road and enter into Trial Street.

The mayor said the plan to allow traffic to enter the Endeavour overpass after exiting the Price Plaza Roundabout has been scrapped. He said while this was working it was causing a backlog of traffic along Rodney Road in the vicinity of the roundabout near ANSA Mc AL complex .

He said this was also causing a backlog of traffic along the Montrose Main Road that filters through Lange Park to access the highway.

He said the one way traffic in the area of Chan Ramlal Street has also been reverted.

Mohammed said this was done after discussions with the Ministry of Works. He said in the new year plans would be discussed for the Endeavour Overpass and the Chan Ramlal area.

Mohammed said the existing roadways cannot cope with the volume of traffic and more roads and lay-bys are needed to allow traffic to exit on to the highway.

Mohammed said he wrote to the Minister of Works requesting a lay-by be installed at Mulchan Sieuchan Road for traffic to exit on to the North Bound lane of the Highway. He said this would ease the congestion near the Medford Gas Station and allow a quicker exit on to the northbound lane for motorist coming from Lange Park and areas in Chaguanas East and allow for a faster flow to the highway from downtown Chaguanas and the Orchard Gardens area.

Mohammed said an overpass was also needed in the Brentwood area to allow commuters from Edinburgh 500 access to both lanes of the highway.