Locusts devastate farm land in Lothians Road, Princes Town.

Mr. Gowrie Roopnarine, Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation, has joined forces with MP for Princes Town, Mr Barry Padarath in pleading with the Minister of Agriculture to assist with the Locust infestation. Chairman Roopnarine says that he is dissatisfied with the Ministry’s response to the Locust infestation. He is also calling on the ministry to step up and take action to deal with the situation. Details follow in this press release from the Chairman. 

The Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation, Mr. Gowrie Roopnarine is joining with the MP for Princes Town, Mr Barry Padarath in pleading with the Minister of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture to immediately intervene and assist with the Locust Infestation which is presently affecting the Princes Town Region.  

Chairman Roopnarine expresses his dissatification with the Ministry’s response to the Locust Infestation which has been affecting the fruits and vegetable trees of numerous famers in the Princes Town Region. He notes that this issue has been on-going for more than a week and the Ministry is yet to take any substantial action to assist the residents of Princes Town and environs who have been severly affected.  

Chairman is also calling on the Minister of Agricultre to implement a plan to provide the farmers in the region with financial support since a number of farmers lost their produce due to this infestation.  

Chairman is urging the Ministry to step up and take the necessary actions to deal with this situation.