Chan, homeless man with amazing vocals

When Chan, a homeless man, in San Fernando saw a group of people recording him singing earlier this week, little did he know they would post the video on social media causing it to be shared over 1,000 times.

The video also generated a huge interest in Chan.

“Ah walking, real people telling me they see me on TikTok and YouTube singing,” he said.

To him, it was just another day of him doing what he loves to do to show appreciation to the people who brought him his next meal.

“I like to entertain,” he said.

In the 57 second long video, Chan is seen singing to ‘Everything I Do’ by Bryan Adams.

He told Guardian Media’s Ivan Toolsie on Harris Promenade yesterday that it’s his favourite song.

“It’s a touching song, a romantic song. It’s a song I like, I think this was a song from a movie, it bring (sic) back memories,” he said.

Chan said before COVID-19 he used to sing Karaoke every night at several bars in Central and South Trinidad such as Joe’s Bar in Marabella and Infinity Sports Bar in San Fernando.

And while those establishments remain closed, Chan keeps his passion alive.

The homeless man said he has grown accustomed to crowds chairing him on when he sings, but the most recent feedback reignited an old flame and reminded him of his life-long dream of becoming a singer.

“Certain time you does go through lil trials and tribulations…but my next goal I want to join a band, I want singing to be my next profession,” he said sounding very hopeful.

The video on Facebook was viewed more than 60,000 times and had several comments supporting Chan’s talent.

One person said seeing the video made their day while another expressed that this was just what the country needs during this time.