Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis, right, chats with the Cove Power Plant's manager Emile Baptiste during a tour of the plant on Thursday

After persistent widespread power outages in Tobago over the past few weeks, Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis is calling on the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) to do better.

After touring the Cove Power Plant on Thursday, Dennis said the situation cannot continue.

“The frequent power outages across Tobago are untenable,” Dennis said in a statement.

In the release from the Office of the Chief Secretary, Dennis explained he toured the plant with Secretary of Settlements, Urban Renewal and Public Utilities, Assemblyman Clarence Jacob, to understand how the plant works and to find “possible reasons for the outages being experienced across the island.”

The statement also said not all the outages are from the plant as “others occur from different areas and for various reasons.”

Dennis said though the situation must be addressed immediately.

“The Chief Secretary is looking forward to a more reliable service from T&TEC in short order,” the release said.

As recent as Wednesday night residents from Lowlands to Charlottteville in Tobago experienced a power outage which lasted for two hours from 9 pm to 11 pm.

Tobagonians across the island have been complaining about power cuts, which they said occurred daily.

These outages lasted for at least an hour according to residents and occurred during the day preventing children from participating in online classes and even disrupting work from home.