Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

Police officers of the Child Protection Unit, along with the Children’s Authority, have launched respective investigations into an alleged recent rape of a minor, a girl, at one of their safe houses in north Trinidad.

Guardian Media understands that the girl was raped while at the safe house by a security officer assigned to the safe house.

It is alleged that the said security officer is currently in an intimate relationship with one of the caretakers at the house and it is believed that because of his relationship he was able to gain access to the home and allegedly rape the child.

Just last week Guardian Media was told of another incident that occurred in the same safe house where the rape occurred that the girls allegedly rioted in an attempt to get their voices heard but instead one of them was transferred to the St Jude’s Home for Girls.

Also, in a separate case a 16-year-old boy was allegedly beaten by two staff members who claimed that the boy attacked them and attempted to use a pen as a weapon against them.

However, speaking with the Guardian Media, the mother of the teen boy, who lives in central Trinidad said up to today no one from the Children’s Authority has contacted her about the incident and added that she is very concerned as her son is a serious asthamtic case and suffers with other medical conditions.

The mother, in her 30s, said two of her sons were sent in the care of the Children’s Authority for uncontrollable behaviour but added that she would not want to believe that her son would attack a male nurse or any other worker or resident unprovoked.

She said she was notified by the police of her son’s incident when they contacted her to inform her that her son was going to be charged for assault.

“My son appeared in court last month charged for the assault but when I got to speak to him for five minutes he told me that he waa the one who was pushed by one of the male nurses into a room and he retaliated by pushing back the nurse,” the mother said.

The mother said that she is hurting over the incident and is questioning whey when the incident occurred that she was not contacted immediately and given a report by the Children’s Authority.

When comtacted over the weekend on the allegations of the rape and the abuse, Cheryl Moses-Williams, Communications Manager Public Education & Communications at the Children’s Authority said the authority is currently investigating “an allegation of misconduct by a security officer who is attached to an external service provider.

“”The Child Protection Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is also conducting their investigation into the allegation,” Moses-Williams added.

With respect to the reports of the riot, Moses-Williams confirmed that the removal of a child from the authority’s Child Support Centre to St. Jude’s took place after staff were allegedly made aware that the child was plotting to cause harm to another resident.

“In order to verify the plot, the children were advised that a search was going to be conducted, which led to them causing a disruption at the Centre. The Police were contacted and the child who instigated the plot, was relocated,” Moses-Williams said.