Building 5, Maloney Gardens, where a four-year-old boy was shot inside one of the apartments.

A health worker visiting his mother in Maloney on Friday is being described as a hero after he rushed to assist a four-year-old boy who had a piece of his ear blown off during child’s play with a gun his elder brother had in his possession.

But how the gun came into possession of the children remains a mystery and is now the subject of a police investigation.

Investigating officers said, up to press time, they were still trying to contact the mother of the injured boy and his siblings.

The two children were left in the care of their 12-year-old sister at their apartment at Building 5.

The incident occurred shortly after 10 am.

Investigating officers said they are yet to find the gun as they believe it was stolen from the apartment.

Trevon Richardson, 39, told Guardian Media that he was on his way to visit his mother at her Maloney apartment when he heard a single gunshot.

“Everybody came out and I asked what is that. Then I saw one of the children and he said his brother got shot in the head,” Richardson said.

“I ran upstairs and broke down the door and I saw the children there. I’m a health worker so I know about first aid. When I looked at the boy his head wasn’t bleeding but when I looked again a piece of his ear was missing,” he added.

Richardson said with the assistance of a neighbour they wrapped the boy in a blanket and took him to the Arima District Hospital where they attended to the child immediately.

The other two children are currently in the care of investigating police officers.

Richardson said although the experience was frightening, he felt good that he was there to help the children.

“The nurses and doctors worked quickly with the child as soon as we brought him in and I real feel good about that. Anybody in distress I will help them because we all are humans at the end of the day.”

Richardson said he did not know about the adults who live in the apartment with the children.

Cpl Damien Ali of the Maloney CID is probing the incident.