No where to go: Melissa Ramdhanie, whose house was destroyed by fire yesterday in Beetham Gardens, says she and her child have no where to sleep.

Two children had to be rescued from a burning house by fire officers during a fire in the Beetham Gardens.

The fire broke out yesterday morning and destroyed six homes, leaving 20 people homeless including ten children.

Two of those children were said to be trapped in a burning house and had to be rescued by fire officers from both the Wrightson Road Fire Headquarters and the Belmont Fire Station who responded quickly to the scene.

Fire officials confirmed that both children were doing well and had been taken to the hospital for an extensive medical check-up. There were no injuries reported.

Mother of a five-year-old child, Melissa Ramdhanie, 32, said she fears that she and her child will now be forced to sleep on the streets as the fire destroyed all their belongings.

The incident occurred shortly after 11 am at 25th Street, Phase 4.

Ramdhanie said she had just gotten home from the hospital and had just taken her medication and was resting when she heard hissing sounds.

“I lying down and I just heard ‘pshh, pshh’ and when I look I see the fire. I had to jump out of the window. I was screaming and everybody else screaming. I lost everything…my child immunization card and all my clothes, bed and appliances. My whole house, “ Ramdhanie said.

Fire officials said that one of the homes destroyed included about three apartments. Amongst the homeless are an elderly couple, fire officials said.

A team of fire investigators is expected to return to the site on today to carry out preliminary investigations.

The cause of the blaze is yet to be determined.

The fire victims told Guardian Media that they asking for help from the public to assist in the rebuilding and refurbishing of their respective homes.