A screen grab of the robbery in progress at the Hao Li Supermarket at Jerry Junction, Orange Field Road in Carapichaima, on Sunday night.

Police officers at the Freeport Police Station have been accused by villagers of Orange Field Road in Carapichaima of failing to respond to reports of strangers lurking in the area and suspicions that they were there to rob a nearby supermarket at Jerry Junction on Sunday night. A senior police officer, who responded immediately, said citizens are to immediately call 999 as police stations have no respond vehicles. According to a police report, at about 8:30pm Xin Jun Wang was conducting sales at Hao Li Supermarket located at Jerry Junction, Orange Field Road, Carapichaima when the two suspects entered, one armed with a firearm and announced a robbery. Wang, a worker Eric Lara, and a customer -a young mother of three became fearful.

The mother of three and other workers were made to lie on the floor as one of the suspects pointed a gun to their heads. The other suspect relieved Wang of a quantity of cash (amount unknown) which represented the day’s sales, an assortment of cigarettes, value yet to be ascertained and four bottles of 375 ml Puncheon Rum valued $292

The suspects then relieved Lara of his bag containing $5,000, $200 US currency, one black Samsung cell phone with sim number 284-4126 valued $3,000 and his Dominican Republic ID card. The suspects then escaped in an awaiting silver motor vehicle description and registration unknown and proceeded east towards St. Mary’s Junction, Freeport.Speaking to the Guardian Media, one of the victims, the mother of three said she is thanking Allah for saving her life. She said her children were in her car that was parked next to the supermarket, “Thank Allah my children weren’t with me but the gunman pointed a gun to my head and told me to get down on the ground. I was very scared. He took away my wallet and iPhone and rest it on the counter but they had forgot it there. I remembered fumbling and the gunman came back to ask me what I’m doing I kept saying nothing and begging him for my life. He pointed the gun a second time to the front of my head. They got busy robbing the cash register and then left. I got up grabbed my wallet and phone and ran out hysterical to my car. My children were shaken up to see me crying and hysterical.”One neighbour said they saw the men lurking in the area and contacted the Freeport Police Station, “We know they were strange and checking out the supermarket. We got through to the police at the station and they said they had no vehicle available. We kept calling but got no response from them. We knew the robbery was going to go down .” Another claimed she called 999 but kept getting the recording and never got through.Another villager said the police at Freeport Police Station most times don’t respond to their calls, “So many times we would call about a car wash at Robert Street, Bank Village and the very loud music they would be playing into late hours of the night and they would only say yes people calling about it but they would never respond.”The description of suspects were given to the police.

Hao Li Supermarket is the fourth supermarket in the area to be robbed within two weeks.On November 29 at 6.30 am armed men robbed a supermarket along the Freeport Mission Road where the owner popularly known as ‘Solo’ was beaten very badly and robbed.Two other Chinese owned supermarkets at Chase Village and along the Mc Bean stretch were robbed that same week, days apart.Pc Ramcharan is the investigating the supermarket’s robbery.