The world mission society of God group : Saving the world from A to Z Deacon Micheal Duncan, left, shows a thank u letter to nurse Alicia Cazoe, Customer Relation Officer Maria Neaves, nurse Michelle Phillip-Duncan and doctor Dr Paul Anthony Parkinson, second from right. during the presentation of Care Packages for Healthcare Woekers, Responding to COVID-19.

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One hundred care packages were handed out to health care workers yesterday by the World Mission Society Church of God volunteer organisation, ASEZ WAO.

The group delivered the packages at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital, the Oxford Street Health Centre and the Diego Martin Health Centre.

“We know oftentimes that work goes unseen and many of the people who are battling this pandemic from the health care side. It’s even hurting them physically in their lives.

“We want to show them that we appreciate them and we see them and even though we cannot do much but what we can do we want to do something to show our appreciation,” said Deacon Michael Duncan at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital yesterday.

The packages included encouraging letters, hand sanitisers and snacks.

The group said it was their way of sharing love to the workers who had been on the frontline of the pandemic.

“We have a letter of thanks and in the letter, each letter is individual, it’s unique and it’s from the hearts of the members who wrote these letters and wants each individual worker to know that we truly acknowledge and care about what they are doing,” said Michael Duncan.

ASEZ WAO, which stands for ‘Saving The Earth From A To Z We Are One Family’, is an international organisation with a presence in 175 countries around the world.

They were expected to have similar events across the globe.

Chantal Thomas, a member of the group, said the packages were an attempt to share love to the workers.

“Right now we can’t give hugs and we can’t hold hands but through each letter that the bags contains like little goody goodies and also encouragement letters and just letters of appreciation. We hope that could warm their hands just to show that we are thankful,” said Thomas.

About 60 packages were handed out at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital with the remainder being handed it out at the other health centres.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young was listed to attend the short handover ceremony at the hospital but was not present. Church officials said they were unable to contact him yesterday morning.