Pastor Esther Cruickshank, head of the Soul Revival Kingdom Ministries at Carlsen Field on Tuesday.

Evicted from state lands, Pastor Esther Cruickshank, head of the Soul Revival Kingdom Ministries, said she is not leaving Carlsen Field.

Officials working the State Lands Office under the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Marine Resources confirmed that on Friday February 14, 2020 a notice was served to the church advising them to vacate the premises. Cruickshank spoke with Guardian Media on Tuesday.

Cruickshank and her 22 parishioners have indicated they would not be taking the issue lightly.

Cruickshank explained that she started her ministry ten years ago and entered the Carlsen Field area in 2012. She said the Church started occupying its present location in 2017 following a meeting with officials from the offices of State Lands.

According to Cruickshank, a verbal agreement was reached and no written documents by way of leases or legal paperwork were given to the church to occupy the land that once housed Tanteak Limited.

Cruickshank said since 2017, the church has spent over $35,000 to clean up the area and erect a PVC tent where service was being held.

She said the church was also in the process of setting up a car wash when the notice was given. The facility is located on two acres of prime commercial land next to TTUTA’s head offices and is a stone’s throw from the Chase Village Flyover that links both the north and south bound lanes of the highway.

Crucikshank said she, along with parishioners and residents, have planned a demonstration for later this month.