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Chairman of the Inter-Religous Organisation (IRO) Reverend Dr Knolly Clarke yesterday urged citizens to support today’s National Day of Prayeras he says the country is facing dark times.

“It is important to ask God to show us the way and to guide us through this very challenging time. I am very positive about this,” he taid

Churches across the country have been asked to support the event which begins with ecumenical prayer service broadcast live from the Diplomatic Centre, St Anns, on CNC3, TTT, TV6, Radio 99.1, Radio 100.1, i95.5 Radio Heartbeat 104.1 and Radio Talk City 91.1 from 10 am.

Various religious groups are supporting the initiative which was announced by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley following an upsurge in COVID-19 cases.

The Sanatan Dharma Maha Saba (SDMS) said the Dharmacharya Pundit Dr Rampersad Parasram will join the Prime Minister and representatives of other faiths at the service. In addition, from 5 pm to 7 pm the Pandit Parishad will recite a portion of the Sukla Yajur Veda known as the Sri Rudram. This will be broadcast live on Radio and TV Jaagriti and streamed live on the Facebook pages of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha and Radio and TV Jaagriti.

Anglican Bishop Claude Berkley said he will offer prayers and bells will be rung across the diocese at 10 am, 11 am and 12 noon in solidarity with the National Day of Prayer.

Moderator of Presbyterian Church Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan said a service had been planned long before the Prime Minister’s announcement but they eventually adjusted the time to fit in with the national service. She said it is a time for “unity in diversity” and “breaking down walls.”

“Following health protocols and saving lives are more fundamental and necessary than the almighty dollar as business persons reminded us recently. We may not see the results of united prayer immediately but it is a reflection of our unity and putting aside our political and religious differences,” she said.

PRO of the Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association (ASJA) Imam Raffaic Mohamed said the Muslim organisation fully supports the National Day of Faith and will be following the live broadcast.