The closed Bethel House of God Church at Calcutta Road # 2, Freeport, yesterday.

Churches across the country scaled back their usual Sunday morning service while some religious leaders opted to use web-based video conferencing tools and apps to conduct their regular service.

In Central Trinidad, a 7.30 am service at the Miracle Ministries International Church was rescheduled. When Guardian Media visited three security guards were stationed at the back near the Christ Castle Building.

They said some restructuring had to be done and all members of the congregation will be contacted once the service is organised.

Along Southern Main Road, members of an Evangelical congregation gathered for a video conferencing worship service.

“We have nine people attending and the apostle which makes it ten. We are conducting our service online so we can still meet with our congregation,” a member said.

At the Bethel House of God Church at Calcutta Road, there was no Sunday morning service as both gates were locked.

The members of that Church had come under fire after they held service on Friday night against the advice of the government to stop congregating.

However, at Ramai Trace, Debe, over forty people held a Hindu worship service on Friday night.

A source said, “This is not a temple. It is taking place at someone’s house and they are chanting and beating drums. They do not care that they are not following the rules of social distancing. We are hoping that the police will crack down on this type of activity.”

“They started at about 7 pm, until 8 pm. Usually, they do it until midnight, but last Friday they stopped at 8 pm,” the source added.

On Saturday, National Security Minister Stuart Young warned religious leaders that action will be taken against them if they continue to hold services despite Government’s call to not do so to stem the spread of COVID-19.

He said organising public gatherings was irresponsible at this time.

Most evangelical churches have opted to stop prayer services, along with the Presbyterian and Catholic Churches.

On Sunday, a service conducted by Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon was broadcast on television, as well as a service conducted by the Anglican Church.

Vice president of TT Council for Evangelical Churches Rev Vickram Singh said they will support the rules and guidelines implemented by the Government to curb the spread of the virus.

Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan encouraged the congregation to view Church Without Walls worship session hosted by her and Reverend Keron Khellawan, Minister of the Marabella Bonne Aventure Pastoral Region.

“These services will be available at 6 am and 12 noon respectively, on the official YouTube channel of the PCTT,” Abdul-Mohan said.

She added, “We really do encourage you to share it with your worship family as we are faced with the reality of gathering limits at this time,” she said.