Ciara announes her partnership with Ten to One rum


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Ten to One rum, which was brought to life by Trinidad born entrepeneur Marc Farrell has welcome R&B superstar Ciara as it’s co-owner.

Farell in a post on instagram, announced the partnership with the “Promise” “Like a Boy and “Goodies” singer.

Farell said, “Happy 10/1 everybody! Today marks a major milestone for Ten To One, as we welcome my friend @ciara into the fold as an investor, co-owner and director of the brand.

From our earliest conversations, @ciara and I immediately connected on Ten To One’s desire to challenge the status quo, coupled with shared values that embrace a sense of community, optimism and spontaneity.”

Farell continued, “Ultimately, we see the same opportunity — to continue to deliver a world class product with a true sense of purpose, while introducing a new generation of consumers to the dynamism and versatility of rum.

I’m so thrilled to welcome @ciara to the Ten To One family and look forward to working together to reimagine the world of rum!”

Ciara also took to instagram boasting, “10.1 is now a Ten to One Holiday to me!”

The R&B star continued, “When I was first introduced to @MarcFarrell12 I was immediately inspired by our shared sense of optimism and entrepreneurial drive. His mission to reinvigorate the rum category and challenge the status quo really resonated with me. From my first sip of @TenToOneRum I was immediately transported, it’s quality and taste is exceptional! I’m excited to join him on this journey as an investor, co-owner, and Director of Ten To One and introduce new audiences to the dynamism and versatility of rum.”

Ten to One Rum was launched in New York in 2019, and according to Farell, the name was inspired from former Prime Minister Eric Williams’s famous quote “One from Ten leaves zero,” as the West Indies Federation fell apart.