My Trini Experience website which is a citizens sex offenders registry

As calls widen across the country for a sex offenders registry to be made public, some have taken matters into their own hands creating a website called My Trini Experience.

The website, according to the creator or creators, has compiled a “comprehensive” list of articles of people charged with violent crimes against women in this country.

On the website, it states, “We search the internet and the news to bring you information on persons with “Charges” brought before them in the criminal courts of Trinidad and Tobago.”

It warned that the website is not an official government information site and “all persons are viewed as innocent until proven guilty.”

My Trini Experience also encourages survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence to share their stories

It added, “We know and understand that many cases never make it to court and many victims and survivors don’t get an opportunity to share their stories. So get in touch with us because we will love to highlight your story across our social platforms. We highlight the stories of survivors, those who’s perpetrators have been charged and some of those that never made it to the courts.”

So far My Trini Experience’s Registry has the names, pictures and information of close to forty men charged with various crimes against women.

It also called on citizens with information on crimes against women to provide the information, and once verified it will be posted on the site.

My Trini Experience, which appears to have been recently posted, has won the praise of many on social media.

One user Crystal C said: “Well done, it’s about time someone do this, it sad it’s under these circumstances but this is a step in the right direction.”

Another Rasheeda added: “Thank you for taking the initiative. God bless you and all that assist.”

And another used named Kim G also thanked God for the registry, saying, “God bless u for this the country even if it’s just us women are gonna rally around u.. we needed this for so long but even tho others may have had similar ideas the know how and the bravery to get started may have been their keep back… this shows a bigger purpose for why you were given a voice to reach the masses… On behalf of all of us Thank you.”