Madangopaul Raghunanan

Guardian Media took to the streets in Central and South Trinidad to get some thoughts on what you, the people, thought about Trini-born hip hop star Nicki Minaj’s claims about the COVID-19 vaccine and its link to swollen testicles and impotency. Claims that have been debunked both locally and by international health experts.

Clauda Rampersad,

Marabella, Businesswoman

You have to have evidence stating about what happen to the individual, for instance you have to have a report from the doctor and what the doctor says; is it facts or fiction. So the whole thing about it, did it happen to him alone, or other men in society, worldwide or in the Caribbean? You have to get your fact straight and evidence of what is taking place of the individual.

Jo-ann Nelson, Williamsville

She just needs to get the facts right first of all. Her comment here about the swollen testicles, they also need to seek medical attention to find out what is really causing the swollen testicles and if she has an opinion for the vaccine or against the vaccine she should keep it to herself.

Madangopaul Raghunanan,

Chaguanas, Student

Whatever information you sharing on your platform should be true. If you are sharing this information, because people does get actual information form all these websites, so it is important that everything be verified.