Police officers on the scene at Rose Hill, Claxton Bay where Lynte Prime, 31, was shot and killed yesterday.

With another baby on the way, father of two and husband to two wives, Lynte Prime was working hard to complete his home. However, his dream to provide a comfortable home for his family was shattered when he was fatally shot at his Rose Hill, Claxton Bay home yesterday morning.

Prime, 31, a devout Muslim, was in his outdoor bathroom when he was gunned down. Prime’s family was not home.

He had dropped off his wives, one of whom is eight months pregnant, and two children, ages three years and two months old, at a relative’s home on Tuesday because he was doing work on the house.

In an interview with Guardian Media, his aunt Andrea Adams said she was preparing to visit other relatives who live in the same area when she received the tragic news. She explained that Prime was working hard to complete the house, especially since he was expecting another baby. He was hoping to finish his house before March, she said.

Adams explained that Prime was tying steel with help from a relative. While his relative took a break to return to help, Prime went to bathe in preparation for his prayer session.

“He was going to bathe to say his prayers to go back to tie the steel. He was in his boxers. They shoot him in his back. They real shoot him up,” she sobbed.

Adams said Prime’s prayer mat was on the floor in his house while his gown was on the bed.

“Everybody know him. He is help out everybody. I would not say he was a good boy he was lil miserable since he small but no reason to kill him, no reason to kill him at all. He was just doing everything like everybody else. Working he lil scrap iron, doing what he had to do, lil wacker work he is do. He is borrow the wacker from my cousin here and do lil work so he could build his house for his children. That’s it.”

The relative said Prime usually woke up early because he would say a 6 am prayer.

But Adams was not confident that the police would arrest and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“All that investigation they (police) do. Nothing going to happen and we going to continue grieving,” she said.

An autopsy is expected to be done at the Forensic Science Centre later this week. Spent shells were recovered at the scene. Officers of the St Margaret’s Police Station and Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region 3 visited the scene. Investigations are continuing.