Heritage Petroleum in Santa Flora.

Sascha Wilson

An oil spill in Barrackpore caused by a busted line resulted in the spillage of three barrels of oil on a portion of land and into a watercourse.

The discovery was made on Saturday and on Sunday mop-up operations continued at the site near Wilson Road.

In a statement, Heritage Petroleum stated that the company received reports of the spill around 1 pm on Saturday.

“Upon investigation, it was quickly discovered that the spill was emanating from a 4” pump line. The leak was isolated and clamped by 3:00 PM on the same day. Heritage has estimated that approximately three (3) barrels of oil was spilled.”

The company stated that it engaged the services of a contractor to clean up the spill and booms have since been reinforced along nearby watercourses to restrict migration of spillage to further downstream.

In addition, company officials also visited the owner of nearby agriculture lands which may have been impacted and the parties will continue discussions on Monday. The company has since informed the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries of the incident and will keep officials appraised of related containment and recovery. Barrackpore West councillor Nicholas Kanhai said he visited the site and observed that clean up operations were being undertaken. He said workers were able to contain the oil in the river from going downstream. He said the spill occurred in an unpopulated area and he has received no reports of damage to agriculture produce or harm to animals.