Minister Ayanna Webster-Roy hands over educational material about protecting children from abuse to be delivered by TTPOST

Close to 400,000 pamphlets raising awareness on ways to protect children from abuse will be delivered to households across the country by the TTPOST.

The initiative was facilitated by the Child Affairs Division of the Ministry of Gender and Child Affairs.

A release from the ministry said in the coming week, over three hundred, ninety-five thousand, nine hundred and thirty-four (395,934) pamphlets and other material would be delivered to households as part of the continued effort to safeguard the children of Trinidad and Tobago and put an end to child abuse in all its forms. The ministry said the educational material provides child abuse tips and hotline numbers (i.e. Children’s Authority: 996 and TTPS:999) where persons may report suspected cases of abuse.

The ministry said the goal of the Division is for every household to become a safe space where children’s rights are protected, respected and promoted, ensuring that no child is left behind.