CMO green-lights home quarantine for COVID-19 patients


Starting from today, if you have the COVID-19 virus but do not have moderate to severe symptoms, you will be allowed to quarantine at home.

This from Chief Medical Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram, who was speaking at the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) press briefing on Wednesday morning.

Parasram said this is the latest stage of the MOH’s response to the virus, as this country now has 1,177 active COVID-19 cases. Parasram said those with moderate to severe symptoms will be hospitalised at either the Couva Hospital or the Caura Hospital.

Earlier on Wednesday, the MOH announced that 132 more people had tested positive for the virus.

Parasram said within the next two days, 400 people will be discharged from step-down facilities across the country, as he said the Ministry’s discharge procedure has also changed.

He said instead of needing one negative COVID test to be discharged, patients will now need to have no symptoms for ten days plus three days before being discharged.

Upon discharge, the patient will be made to sign a quarantine order, which confines them to their home for a further seven days before they can resume their normal routines.

Parasram said after these seven days have elapsed, the patient will no longer be able to spread the virus to anyone else.