Image courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG).

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) helped in the rescue of a vessel in distress just off the coast of Toco, on Wednesday this week.

And it has commended the quick actions of the crew of another vessel who had raised the alarm about the crew in distress.

According to an official statement from the Coast Guard, the distress report was received at about 3:25 pm on Wednesday 18 August 2021, from North Post Radio.

North Post Radio reported receiving the distress call about a cabin cruiser named “Bounty Hunter”, which had been sighted signalling with orange smoke—an international distress signal—by another vessel called “Cape Hope”.

The Coast Guard says it dispatched one of its capital assets to render assistance to the “Bounty Hunter”, which was located 21 Nautical Miles South-East of Toco.

“The vessel and crew members were safely towed back to its last port of call in Scarborough, Tobago,” the release states.

“The TTCG wishes to sincerely thank the crew members of “Cape Hope”, the initial reporting source, for ensuring the safety of the crew members aboard the “Bounty Hunter”,” it added.