The weapon seized when the TTCG intercepted a pirogue near the Fishing Depot in Icacos Village, Cedros, on Tuesday June 15th. (Image courtesy TTCG)

Coast Guard officers arrested three men at Icacos Village, Cedros, last night, after a loaded gun was found in a boat.

According to a report, while on mobile patrol around 7:08 pm on Tuesday June 15th, the officers saw a boat on a trailer along Beach Road near the Fishing Depot, along with three men who were acting suspiciously.

One of the men, a fisherman, was sitting on the boat. He reportedly placed his hands behind his back when he saw the police vehicle.  The officers stopped and searched the men but nothing illegal was found in their possession. However, when officers searched the boat, a firearm with six rounds of ammunition was found on the coxswain seat where the fisherman was seated.

The 54-year-old fisherman of Fullerton Village, Cedros, allegedly claimed ownership of the firearm. He was arrested, along with the other two men—a 26-year-old clerk and 36-year-old labourer, both of Icacos Village.

The three suspects were arrested and taken to the Cedros Police Station.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) also has issued an official statement on the arrests.

“On 15 June 2021, at 7:30 pm while conducting patrols in support of the ongoing State of Emergency (SOE), the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) observed a pirogue at the Icacos Beach Fishing Depot with three (3) men in the vicinity acting suspiciously.  Searches of the vessel revealed one (1) .38 calibre pistol and six (6) rounds of ammunition. The men, pistol and ammunition were handed over to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and investigations are continuing,” the TTCG statement reported.

PC Ramkissoon of the Cedros Police Station is investigating.