The PTSC bus which crashed into the Kellys’ rental home, along the Caparo Valley Road, yesterday.

The driver who was behind the wheel of a PTSC bus when it crashed into the wall of a house along Palmiste Road, Longdenville Monday is said to be traumatized and under medical care.

Just after 8 am on Monday the bus, which was transporting passengers, ran off the road and crashed into a wall.

Fortunately, no one on the compound was injured.

The driver and some passengers were taken for medical treatment but were said to not be seriously hurt.

But now a colleague of the PTSC bus driver told Guardian Media, that he is highly traumatized and could hardly walk from the pain he is experiencing after the accident.

“The bus driver hasn’t really spoken about it from what we are aware but he’s home since and said to be in a lot of pain to the extreme that we heard that he is having great difficulties in walking,” the colleague said.

“The driver is a seasoned one as he is said to be working over ten years. Initially, we heard people saying that he got a bad drive but we have not heard from him and asked same time what happened because it’s already unfortunate and we don’t want to come across insensitive. We heard on that same day he was real shaking and he is highly traumatized from what we understand,” the colleague added.

A day after the accident surveillance footage went viral on social media showing the bus driving off the road into the residence.

Meanwhile, two families who are tenants of the residential property where the bus crashed are thanking God that their apartments are still intact and that the accident was not worse.

During a visit to the scene along Palmiste Main Road on Thursday, Guardian Media was shown the damage to the property.

“Thank God none of the apartments walls were touched by the bus. Also, most importantly thank God none of the children were out in the yard playing when the bus crashed into the concrete front wall,” one of the tenants said.

“I had just put my granddaughter to sleep when I heard this loud crashing sound and when I peeped outside I saw the bus in the yard. It’s just the wall fence and part of the shed’s roof that got damaged,” she added.

Owner of the property, Roston Kelly, said PTSC officials visited and “did estimates” but added that he is still awaiting feedback from the bus company.

Contacted for comment, PTSC public relations officer Patrina Mahabir confirmed that the driver is at home and under medical care. She added that the passengers who were on board the bus at the time are also doing well.

Mahabir said that investigations by the PTSC and the police are ongoing.