Police constable Allen Moseley who was killed in Morvant on Saturday morning.

Shocked and grieving colleagues of murdered police officer PC Allen Moseley have vowed to “leave no stone unturned” in seeking to bring his killer or killers to justice.

Moseley was ambushed and shot in the back of his head and chest while in his car along the Morvant Old Road early Saturday.

Homicide detectives were still trying to piece together the circumstances surrounding his murder last night but said they had received critical information which suggests that a woman whom he often visited in the area may hold key information to the case.

A police report stated that Moseley was shot shortly after 5 am. His body was later found at the side of the road while his vehicle was found a short distance away. It is believed Moseley was shot while in his car and that he may have attempted to come out and run for help but eventually collapsed at the side of the road where he died.

Police said it was only on Friday night that Moseley had graduated from training at the Guard and Emergency Branch. He was previously attached to the Special Intelligence Unit.

In extending condolences to the bereaved family and colleagues, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith yesterday promised that Moseley’s killers that “we will use all our resources to find you.”

Griffith said investigators were already pursuing certain leads and added that he is sure that, “there is someone out there who saw something.” He urged members of the public to use the Police App or WhatsApp 482-GARY “with information, photographs or videos.”

One of Moseley’s colleagues, who wished not to be identified, was inconsolable and would only describe him as a “pleasant person.”

“He was young and upcoming in the service and had so much ahead of him in terms of making that good outstanding officer and he recently finished training in Guard and Emergency Branch and came out one of the exemplar officers who graduated. May his soul rest in peace and may the TTPS not sleep until his killers are brought to justice.”

Members of Moseley’s family remained in shock over his killing and would only say that they were praying and hoping that whoever was behind his killing would be brought to justice very soon.

“God don’t sleep and they took away a very ambitious and aspiring young man from us who was dearly loved and adored by all. Justice will be served because God sees and knows,” a family member, who wished not to be identified said.