Port users, truckers and shippers using the MV Cabo Star will now have access to a new holding area at the Port of Spain Port, according to a release from the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Transportation Company Limited (TTIT).

The new policy goes into effect this Wednesday, June 24th.

The full text of the TTIT statement, follows…


The Management of Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Transportation Company Limited (TTIT) wishes to advise all Port Users, Truckers, and Shippers that utilize the M.V. Cabo Star, a holding area will be provided on the Eastern side of the GSS compound for commercial vehicles, with effect from Wednesday 24th June, 2020:

1. The designated area will be available from 9.00am, Mondays – Fridays, after the departure of the passenger vessel at 8.30am. To continue with the day’s operations this arrangement will cease at 11.45am. The sailing of the M.V. Cabo Star is scheduled to depart POS at 1.00pm.

2. Only Commercial vehicles for the day’s sailing will be allowed to enter the yard.

3. All commercial vehicles will be checked in from 9.15am to 11.45am at the blue ticket booths within the designated area. Drivers are required to park their vehicles and check in at the booth to prevent congestion within the area.

4. Drivers who are required to purchase travel tickets or make any approved changes to the tickets will be required to transact such business within the terminal building.

5. Due to the limited space available within the designated area, the movement within the area will be restricted. Trucks will only be allowed to move once to load onto the Cabo Star. No re-entry will be allowed.

6. The vehicles will remain in the holding area until called to the area of Berth No. 3, Cruise Ship Complex, in batches of 8-10 vehicles at a time.

7. Prior to entering the cargo vessel, all vehicles will be checked by Security and Boarding Clerk stationed at the booth at Cruise Ship Complex.

8. Absolutely NO commercial vehicles will be allowed to remain on the Port’s compound after the close-off time of the Cabo Star.

9. All regulations pertaining to the sale of tickets, processing of tickets/vehicles and loading will apply. Port users are reminded to comply with all Security and other regulations implemented by the Management.

The Management looks forward to the co-operation of all Port Users, Truckers, and Shippers as together we continue to improve the inter-island service.