Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith.

The deadline for applications for the post of Commissioner of Police is next Tuesday.

And already the incumbent Gary Griffith has informed all comers that there is “no pressure.“

Griffith whose application will be submitted soon, spoke yesterday after the Police Service Commission issued an advertisment inviting “suitably qualified ” applicants for the post. Online applications must be submitted by 4 pm on July 20.

On June 17 the PSC issued its order for selection of a CoP and Deputy CoP.

Griffith’s three-year contract ends on August 17. His contract doesn’t provide for renewal.

The PSC’s advertisement for CoP applicants detailed the summary of the job from planning and organising to providing policy advice to the Minister of National Security and managing financial resources and other aspects.

Qualifications and experience include possession of a Masters’ degree in law, criminal justice, criminology, police service management or any other relevant degrees and “ no less than 15 years experience of increasing responsibility in law enforcement.”

Applicants for the post of deputy will also be invited ahead.

When contacted yesterday on the possibility of having competition for the post, Commissioner Griffith said the perception is often that the position ‘belongs’ to the incumbent and anyone who might decide to apply when the post becomes available will be seen as an opponent.

He added, “But no posts belong to anyone and anyone who meets the qualifications and requirement and they feel the willingness to throw their hat in the ring, whether they’re in or out of the TT Police Service, they should be free to do so without any concern.

”Three years ago I applied for the position of CoP without any experience or track record as a police officer and I beat everybody coming and going. So I welcome anyone to come and apply now – three years later,’’ he said.

In the 2018 process to select a CoP, Griffith’s scores in categories topped those of 13 other contenders including then Commissioner Stephen Williams and other top-grade career officers.

In the Interview list, he also topped others.

On another matter – concerns about radiation levels from scanners being used by TTPS’ mobile scanner device to scan the interior of vehicles for weapons – Griffith said the equipment is within standard international health regulations and has been in use for over a year without any issues, or “misuse” violation of scanned material

Concerns were raised by tech sources about the safety of the scanners for those operating them and those being scanned.