Grand mother Lorna St. Louis with her grand children look out the window of their new home which is under construction at Dan Kelly, Picton, Laventille, yesterday.

Three months since her tragic death, the four children of 29-year-old Sheranne Huggins will be getting a new home.

Sheranne was chopped to death in full view of her children and her half-naked body was found at her Dan Kelly, Laventille home.

Her killer, her estranged husband, was later found dead in a square in Port-of-Spain.

It was after the story became public that good samaritans who were at the area Masjid saw the conditions the children were living in and decided to help build a new home for them.

Since then a new home is nearing completion after good samaritans and members of the community all came together.

“ So when this happen, I came up here with Imam Abdul Haqq and see the situation and the Islamic position where orphans are concerned is a very serious one…so I started on the WhatsApp chat with other members of the community and friends and the support was resounding and we started from there. One brother, in particular, he called me and told me he wanted to be on board and he has been the mainstay with regards to this project and other Muslim brothers came and got involved and the home started progressing”, explained Farook Mohammed who was instrumental in building the home.

Mohammed said while the home is 85 per cent complete, there are some outstanding needs which once addressed will ensure that the children and Sheranne’s adopted mother Lorna St Louis can be comfortable.

Mohammed said the structure before the renovations was subpar and it was not conducive for the children to live in after witnessing such a traumatic ordeal.

“Every single thing that we need here have to be brought up. First mechanical up the hill and then manual further up the hill and that has been a real challenge for us to get the project completed. What we have done is turned the home to a full two storey and we had the space to do so and what was here before was not safe for us to work with and even for the children”, he said.

Sheranne’s adopted mother, Lorna St Louis who now takes care of her four children is grateful for the help.

“All I can say is God is just doing what he has to do. I just laying back and letting God do what He has to do because these children did not go hungry for a day.”

Mohammed is hoping that by the end of the year the four children will have a new place to call home and a place where they can share memories of their mother.